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Cogent Bank

Meet Our Team

Central Florida

Ben Lalikos, SVP/Commercial Relationship Manager & Central Florida Sales Leader

Phone: 321-233-8658
(NMLS ID# 1031457)
Charissa Eller, SVP/Commercial Relationship Manager
Phone: 321-315-6275
(NMLS ID# 2078040)
Gina Medlock, SVP/Commercial Relationship Manager
Phone: 407-440-1932
(NMLS ID# 2067410)
Amy Benison, SVP/Commercial Relationship Manager
Phone: 407-947-0267
(NMLS ID# 2067477)
Linda Pellegrino, VP/Banking Center Manager
Phone: 407-331-3637
(NMLS ID# 445683)
Traci Smith, SVP/Commercial Relationship Manager
Phone: 321-414-2173
Trish Teague, SVP/Central Florida Private Banking Manager
Phone:  321-663-4239
(NMLS ID# 1326313)

Susy Scarlatos, VP/Private Banking Relationship Manager
Phone:  407-619-2617
(NMLS ID# 1032402)

Jennifer Reynolds, AVP/Private Banking Client Service Manager
Phone: 321-368-0832
(NMLS ID# 1035451)

David Valentin, AVP/Banking Center Manager
Phone: 407-487-3812

First Coast

Scott Flanders, Market President, First Coast
Phone: 904-274-8808

Cindy Dunlop, SVP/Commercial Relationship Manager
Phone: 904-274-8809

Phil Bravo, SVP/Commercial Relationship Manager
Phone: 904-328-1493

Hillsborough County

Wade Faircloth, Market President, Hillsborough

Amy L. Tebbe, SVP/Deposit Relationship Manager

Ashley Watters, VP/Commercial Relationship Manager
Phone: 813-492-8035

Ed Newton, SVP/Commercial Relationship Manager

Miranda L. Zavala, VP/Banking Center Manager
Phone: 813-492-8023
(NMLS ID# 1158312)


Pinellas County
Jacquelyn (Jackie) Roth McIntosh, Market President, Pinellas County
Phone: 727-477-3190
(NMLS ID# 1152536)

Anna Adamczyk, SVP/Commercial Relationship Manger
Phone: 727-477-3182
(NMLS ID# 757729) 

Dave Groves, VP/Commercial Relationship Manger
Phone: 727-477-3176
Paul Ferrentino, VP/Commercial Relationship Manager
Phone: 727-477-3174
(NMLS ID# 1445786)
Kim Ellenor, SVP/Banking Center Manager
Phone: 727-477-3177
(NMLS ID# 786847)
Southwest Florida
Marty Mahan, Regional Banking Executive
Phone: 239-213-8222
Brandon Box, Market President, Southwest Florida
Phone: 239-766-8938
(NMLS ID# 585688)

Beth Hendry, SVP/Commercial Relationship Manager

Phone: 239-766-8939
(NMLS ID# 1068909)
Craig Sherman, SVP/Commercial Relationship Manager
Phone: 239-766-8932
(NMLS ID# 1165422)
Kris Scoone, VP/Treasury Services Officer
Phone: 239-766-8937
Pete D'Alessandro, VP/Community Banking Officer
Phone: 239-766-8934
(NMLS ID# 940593)
Sean Friend, SVP/Commercial Relationship Manager
Phone: 239-766-8936
(NMLS ID# 539700)
Julie Celozzi, AVP/Banking Center Manager
Phone:  239-766-8933
(NMLS ID# 616884)
Specialty Lending (Asset Based Lending)

Michael Skat, Managing Director-Specialty Lending
Phone: 321-233-8869

Abbey Henderson, SVP/Specialty Lending
Phone: 321-233-8851

Cristina Brabson, VP/Senior Operations Manager
Phone: 321-233-8857

SBA Lending

Kendra Vincenty, Director of SBA Lending
Phone: 614-309-5703 

USDA Lending

Don Adams, Managing Director-USDA
Phone: 352-317-3049
Chris Ascolese, SVP/USDA Specialist
Phone: 352-250-4797

Residential Lending

Felipe Ferreira, Director of Residential Lending
Phone: 407-765-6076
(NMLS ID# 486384)
Jackie Mitchell, VP/Residential Mortgage Lender
Phone: 407-709-1418
(NMLS ID# 528629)
Rick Figoli, AVP/Residential Mortgage Lender
Phone: 407-592-1752
(NMLS ID# 543625)
Lisa Dubiel, Residential Mortgage Lender
Phone:  352-496-8045
(NMLS 1319424)