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Cogent Bank

Treasury Management Services

Everyday efficiency for your business

Our diversified Treasury Management programs give you countless options when it comes to your business finances. With more protection and flexibility than ever before, you have the ultimate control you’ve been looking for. Get more from your money utilizing our Treasury Management Services.

ACH Origination

  • Initiate and receive electronic payments
  • More convenient than traditional checks
  • Save on check processing costs

ACH Positive Pay

  • Protect your account from unauthorized electronic transactions using filters and blocks
  • Control ACH transactions posting to your account with just a click of a few buttons
  • Add, modify or delete transactions online

Business Edge

  • Use average daily balances to gain the benefits of a feature rich business checking account
  • Business account includes ACH origination, Remote Deposit, Online Banking and more

Business Edge Details

Business Online Banking

  • Fast, easy to navigate and secure online banking service
  • View account balances and account details such as checks paid, deposits and deposited items
  • Transfer funds between accounts real time
  • Make loan payments
  • View and download statements
  • Place stop payments
  • Pay bills easily and quickly


Check Positive Pay

  • Monitoring and detection of unusual check activity
  • Offers online review with images of potentially fraudulent checks
  • Ability to make pay/no pay decisions on potentially fraudulent checks

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

  • Computer to computer exchange of business transactions in a standard electronic formant
  • Improves speed and accuracy of payment posting
  • Improves efficiency in posting to accounts receivable
The automated collection processes we offer through Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) have multiple advantages: you accelerate payment and collection, operate more efficiently, enjoy greater flexibility, and save time and money.

Cogent Connection

  • Fast, easy to navigate and secure online banking service for Cogent Bank Treasury Management customers
  • Instant access to deposit, savings, and loan balance information
  • Transfer funds, view statements, deposits and items deposited
  • Pay bills easily and quickly


  • Incoming payments are processed quickly
  • Improves workflow, lowers operating costs, and increases efficiencies
  • Remittance data including invoices, checks and other details available online

Mobile Banking

Sometimes you can’t make it to the bank. We certainly understand, but your bills won’t. The good news is that with our mobile app, you can view balances, make transfers and securely deposit your check with just a few clicks.
  • View Account balances
  • Deposit checks
  • Transfer between accounts
  • Pay bills

Remote Deposit Capture

  • Scan and deposit checks from your desk
  • Reduce/eliminate trips to the bank
  • Make deposits anytime, day or night


Sweep Accounts

  • Use excess balances to pay down a line of credit
  • Invest excess funds to increase interest income
  • Manage cash flow more efficiently

Zero Balance Accounts

  • Link accounts to consolidate funds deposited
  • Fund sub accounts like payroll or accounts payable accounts
  • Eliminate the need to make funds transfers