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Cogent Bank

Learn More About Cogent Connection

Cogent Connection offers balance reporting services for current day and intraday account activity. Enjoy the convenience of easy access to bank statements, as well as export options for account activity and transaction image access for checks, deposit tickets, and deposited items.
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  • Instant access to deposit, saving, and loan balance information
  • View detailed account history
  • Transfer funds between accounts
  • Place Stop Payments
  • Originate wire transfers and view incoming wire transfers
  • Originate ACH transactions
  • Manage and approve incoming ACH transactions to prevent fraudulent activity
  • View and approve or return Check Positive Pay transactions
  • Pay bills online
  • View bank statements
  • Export transaction data to many financial software programs
  • Simplify account management
  • Save time; avoid unnecessary trips to a branch
  • Functionality includes User dual control, System Administrators and enhanced entitlements