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Cogent Bank

Learn more about International Banking Services

Make the entire world your market with Cogent International Banking. We can help any size business buy, sell and grow internationally with an array of products and services.

Foreign Wire Transfers

Wire payments are the fastest and surest method of sending funds internationally. In short, if you need it there or here now, wire transfers are the way to go. Wires can reach almost any foreign destination within two business days.

  • Confirmed exchange rates
  • Certainty of transfer amount
  • Faster receipt of funds

Foreign Collections

Buying and selling internationally requires an all-hands-on-deck approach. Our team can act as an agent on your behalf to process international transactions safely, securely and efficiently.

  • Automatic tracing capabilities so that you always know the status of your transaction
  • Transaction reporting processes that are designed with your needs in mind

Foreign Currency

Going far away? We’re just down the street. Whether you are winging your way to Europe for vacation or need help sending a payment internationally, Cogent Bank can help you with your foreign currency needs. We buy and sell most foreign currencies and can help with special orders upon request.

  • Take advantage of fast and convenient ordering of currency over the phone.
  • Order and pick up your foreign currency at any Cogent Bank branch
  • Most common currencies such as the Euro, English Pound, Mexican Peso and Canadian dollar are readily available

Foreign Draft

Eliminate the need to send or receive funds payable in foreign currencies through collections. We can help you send and receive foreign drafts across the globe.

  • To eliminate the need for you and your business to endure a lengthy and expensive collection process, we can purchase your drafts drawn in foreign currencies and payable in foreign countries (with recourse), providing you immediate payment in U.S. dollars