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Cogent Bank

Learn More About Premium Finance Lending

You need insurance. You want an affordable monthly payment. You can have both.

dice spelling risk and insurance
Protecting your business via sound insurance coverage is important, in the unlikely event of a loss. Cogent Bank understands your need to find affordable financing solution to ensure your business is protected. We offer insurance premium financing at competitive rates that allow you to rest easy, knowing that you are adequately insured, while offering you manageable payment terms.

Cogent Bank helps business owners purchase insurance through a special loan program that offers payment alternatives for a wide variety of insurance such as property, liability, umbrella and fire.
  • Provides lower premium payments with little upfront costs in most cases
  • Assists in maintaining optimal cash flow
  • Allows for greater flexibility and the ability to retain capital during the term of the loan
  • Maintains mandated or necessary coverage at an affordable price
  • Avoids having to liquidate assets or miss opportunities due to capital concerns