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Cogent Bank

Our Commitment to Security

Cogent Bank is committed to helping our customers maintain a safe and secure banking experience. We've established several security measures that help protect you or your business. It is important to review these procedures and call us should you have any questions. 

We will never request personal information by email or text messaging including account number, passwords, personal identification information or any other confidential customer information.

Fraudulent emails may be designed to appear as though they are originated by Cogent Bank. Do not respond to any email communication requesting personal or confidential information and do not go to any links listed on that email. These emails are not originated by Cogent Bank. Never release banking information the bank already has to any caller, texter, or email sender. If you contact us we may verify the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number (SSN) to confirm your identity, but we will never contact you and ask for your account number, debit card number or your full SSN.

If we need to contact you, it will always be done in a manner that protects your personal confidential information and we work diligently to do so. We work with the local regulatory and law enforcement departments to be certain any type of illegal activity is stopped as soon as possible. We have multi-layer security to protect your confidential information and will continue to be vigilant in protecting it. Immediately report any suspicious emails or websites to us so we may take appropriate action.

If you suspect your accounts have been compromised or have any questions regarding this information, please contact Cogent Bank at 407-545-2662.