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Cogent Bank

Learn More About Digital Receipts

Digital Receipts allows you to store, access, and manage your paper and emailed receipts through your mobile banking app anywhere you go. We use deep learning AI to structure and extract the data found on receipts. Unlike human processors or a rule-based system, our bots deliver instant results and scale to support any receipt, from any merchant. Our machine extracts every data point on a receipt - merchant name, date, total, taxes, category, and more.
Confidence to shop:
  • Have item-level visibility to essentials and pantry items
  • Keep track of online purchases that still need to arrive
Peace of mind:
  • Safe-keep receipts for future insurance and warranty claims
  • Track budgets, special projects, personal tax deductions
Save time and money:
  • Maximize tax deductions
  • Separate business from personal expenses
Control costs:
  • Create paperless expense reports
  • Verify transaction details on corporate cards